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Do you have a young one that is always asking "What is that bird?" or just one that is interested in nature? The following links will have your child well on their way to learn about birds.  You will find everything from picture book lists, science, drawing, and games, to young birder blogs and Citizen Science projects.


For interest in hands on demonstrations, beginning birder workshops, outings, and any additional information, please contact us via Contacts under the About page. 



Cornell's children's education site is an excellent resource.  


All About Feathers


All About Bird Anatomy


Cornell Lab of Ornithology


A new site from Nebraska is very kid friendly and educational.


Project Beak


The American Birding Association's blog for young birders connects them with other youth interested in birding. 


ABA Young Birders


For those that like to or want to learn how to draw birds, this book is highly recommended.


The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds by John Muir Laws





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