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California City

California City is, according to eBird numbers, the 3rd hottest hotspot for birding in Southern California, and is in the top 10 for the state.  This is due to several manmade migrant traps. Central Park, and the surrounding golf courses, and Silver Saddle, a private club, at the base of Galileo Hill were built 40-50 years ago. As the habitat grew, birds stopped over as they flew the Pacific Flyway.  Birders soon followed making this where birding in Eastern Kern County started.  Naturally California City, and Butterbredt Springs to the west in the Piutes, are popular during spring and fall migration but also in May and June as birders from near and far search for vagrants.

For details on birding this area, the rules for Silver Saddle & Galileo Hill, and a map, please refer to this link:

Birding California City 

This takes you to the Chamber of Commerce site and is also an excellent resource for futher information on the area and ammenities.

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