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New to birding?  Have a young birder?  Just want to know what those cute little yellow birds in your yard are? Below you will find general recommendations for finding information about birds and birding. 


Navigate to more detailed information via the "Education" header.  There you wil find links for children who want to learn more about birds, advice for new birders, ideas for how to make your yard more inviting for birds, and tips for photographing birds.


 Links to find, learn about, and identify birds:




-  National Geographic Backyard Bird Identifier

-  Kern County and high desert specific

-  Another great resource for bird songs and calls

-  Excellent site to help ID birds by sight and sound



This free, online reference written by Heindel is a must for anyone birding the West Mojave!  Use it to learn about what birds can be found here and when to find them.


Birds of East Kern County



Birding apps:


        - National Geographic Field Guide to Birds
        - The Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America

        - Merlin Bird ID


Guide Books:

- The Sibley Guide to Birds
- National Geographic Field Guide to Birds

- A Field Guide to Western Birds (Peterson) 

Keep birds safe!


Cover open pipes!















This Ash-throated Flycatcher, part of a couple seen gathering nesting material, is investingating an open pipe.  Open pipes are death traps for more than just birds.  If you find one, please cover with rocks, wire mesh, or fill with dirt.  For more information:





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