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West Mojave Bird Club

Birding the Antelope-Fremont Valleys




Welcome!  The West Mojave is host to a huge variety of birds.  Visitors, both human and feathered, flock here from around the world.  


Favorite stopovers on the Pacific Flyway are located in our valleys.   Antelope Valley's Piute Ponds, at 9600 acres, is the largest wetlands marsh in Los Angeles County and is an Audubon Important Bird Area (IBA).  

The founding of California City 50 years ago created two ideal habitats along the western edge of the Mojave desert.  The city's Central Park, which is bordered by two golf courses, and Silver Saddle Club at the base of Galileo Hill are favorites stops for migrants.  

Red Rock State Park and Butterbredt Springs (an IBA) in the southernmost Sierra Nevada to Saddle Back Butte SP,  Arther B. Ripley Desert Woodland SP, and Apollo Park on the floor of Antelope Valley offer additional habitats.


Backyard birders watch colorful tanagers, orioles, warbles, and hummingbirds as they pass through and even nest or overwinter in their yards.


Join us to learn more, explore, and meet other birders.

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